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Linda Sloan is a wife, mother of four adult children, and grandmother of nine!  She has always loved being in charge: leading seminars, teaching Bible studies and Sunday School; running women’s groups at church, organizing activities, attempting to “subtly” orchestrate the lives of her husband and children, and generally knowing the “BEST” way to approach most any situation.

She grew up in a Christian home, but it was as an adult that she really began to understand what a relationship with Christ really meant!  This became even clearer during the illness of her youngest son.  Linda suddenly woke up to the fact that God is the only One in charge of everything and that her job was to turn things (and people) over to Him and to seek His wisdom in controlling her own actions and responses.

While teaching “people skills” in the corporate sector, she realized that the principles for getting along with anyone in any situation are clearly laid out in the Bible.  She enjoys using humor and real-life examples to incorporate these principles into her presentations.  Linda also co-authored “Does this Fig Leaf Make Me Look Fat?” with Merry Taylor.

Merry Taylor has a background in business training, stress and change management and has been helping and motivating people for 35 years.  With a Master’s Degree in Health Education and training in organizational psychology, she has helped thousands of people become more effective and live better lives.  Merry has always walked with God in her personal life, leaning on Him through life’s challenges... divorce, a child permanently injured in a near-death accident, an adopted child struggling with health problems, and raising a family of 5 children – his, hers, and ours.

There was, however, a defining moment in Merry’s Christan life when she felt the calling to start sharing her beliefs more strongly.  Merry was confronted after a seminar by a class participant who challenged her statements about faith and about where our strength comes from.  Not wanting a confrontation, Merry felt she did not stand up for her faith, and she asked God for the strength and knowledge to start sharing His teachings more intentionally.

Merry’s programs are scripture-based and full of real-life stories and experiences of people who, with the help of God, have risen above their circumstances and changed their lives.  You might cry a little, laugh a lot, but you will always leave feeling more inspired and motivated.  Also, Merry published her first book, “Does This Fig Leaf Make Me Look Fat?”  It’s an inspirational book that looks at the five best ways for women to recapture joy, purpose, and grounding in their lives.