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"Does This Fig Leaf Make Me Look Fat?"
...a guide to the five best ways to live life with joy and purpose

This book is available to order at Amazon, XulonPress, Barnes&Noble, and other on-line book stores.

"Does This Fig Leaf Make Me Look Fat?" is a book about how women can manage stress, find purpose and joy, and live above circumstances. After listening to women in their workshops across the country, Merry and Linda share, with hilarity and realism, what they discovered to be the five best ways for women to look for joy in all the right places:

Cultivate positive attitudes
Delight in laughter and humor
Find self-esteem and purpose
Decode male-female communication styles
Grow and live in faith

Some Reviews we've received:

DJ: Inspirational
"Does This Fig Leaf Make Me Look Fat?" is inspiring! The book is full of humor, hope and faith based experiences. I found myself laughing out loud while reading some of Merry and Linda's stories. It is a very uplifting book that everyone should read. It reminds us of ways to find happiness in every situation, build our self-esteem, and grow in our faith. I have purchased several books for my family and friends for birthday presents and they have loved it! It will be a book that I refer back to very often! Love it!

Donna L: Does this fig leaf make me look fat?

Merry and Linda have captured the beauty and challenges of life and relationships with this inspirational collection of personal stories and anecdotes. You'll be moved to laughter and maybe a few misty tears as you read along. You may even see yourself and learn a few things to improve your relationships with others. This is a book to pick up again and again. It's like a dose of good medicine for the heart -- and the funny bone!

Evie J: Loved this book!! Fun and inspiring!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very inspirational. I purchased several for family and friends.

Buffy S: Fun and so true

What a great book by Merry Taylor and Linda Sloan. Their way with wit and wisdom is engaging and thought provoking. Not only did I see myself in many of the stories shared, but was also able to grasp onto Truth that I often need to hear...that we are all a mess and we are still deeply loved by God. I especially liked the sections on attitude and male/female communication. I would recommend this book for a book discussion club. It's fun and easy to read, while having a great framework for discussion. Great book!

Jerry W: Not for Women “ONLY”

Inside the front cover is the statement "Helping women escape the aqe-old trap of looking for joy in all the wrong places". This should have read, "Helping 'men' and women." I have always heard and believed that laughter is one of the best medicines there is, and this book is full of humorous thought provoking stories. I still pick it up occasionally and reread portions of it and, yes, it is that good. I highly recommend this book for everyone.

Becky P: Book Review

This a very good book! It is very positive and upbeat. The authors share funny stories that will tickle your Funny Bone and Bible verses to encourage your Soul. It would be great to use with a Womens' Book Club or Bible Study Group, but is also a good book to keep on the night stand and read a little at a time too. I highly recommend this book. I've bought several to share with friends and relatives. Everyone I have shared it with has called me to thank me for such a wonderful book!