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Whether you want a keynote, dinner, or retreat speaker, we can help you!

...Consistently rated by clients as "one of the best at conference" and "excellent," we are sure to educate, motivate, and entertain!

Topics Include:

Are You Really Living Your Life? -- The happiest people are rarely the ones without problems. Happy people squeeze joy out of each day, or sometimes out of moments. Many people say, "when everything is OK, when my problems go away, when I get what I want—then I'll be happy." They depend on things and externals to provide joy. Life will always have problems. Those people who REALLY LIVE their lives LEARN to rise above circumstances and find joy in spite of, rather than because of, whatever life brings.

I Can't Handle All These Problems, Please Pass the "Twinkies" -- Life, problems, and stress can become overwhelming at times. This uplifting keynote helps people understand that even though we cannot always control what happens to us, we have choices in how we allow things to affect us. Using a heavy dose of humor and real life stories of people who have risen above their circumstances, this message will leave people more motivated and less stressed.

Don't Look Now, But Your Attitude is Showing -- When you can't control your job… your boss… your co-workers… your family members… the weather or the traffic, there is always one thing you can control and that's your ATTITUDE! Laugh and learn practical steps to building a better attitude.

Lifestyles of the Frazzled and Frustrated -- Faster, faster, change and more change. Need it yesterday. The world today is demanding and uncertain. This humorous and practical program helps participants take a look at their own lifestyles and personalities and find ways to de-frazzle, feel better and perform better.

The Power of Professionalism -- Your professional image plays a vital role in your personal success and in the success of your organization. This practical, motivating, and humorous program helps participants learn some things about themselves and what it takes to be a true professional.