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For businesses and professional groups, we bring the right message to meet YOUR organization's specific needs.

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Below is a list of some of our most requested topics:

Interpersonal Communication Skills: Working Together -- Focuses on helping people learn how to gain cooperation from others by developing an effective, professional communication style.

Staying Productive and Composed Under Pressure -- Teaches specific, hands-on techniques for staying more objective and focused in high-pressure situations.

Customer Service: Service That Sells -- Focuses on the fact that just one employee with poor people skills can ruin a customer's image of an entire organization. Participants learn to deal more effectively with the public in a courteous and professional way.

Bringing Out The Best in Yourself: Increasing Your Confidence and Effectiveness -- Motivates and teaches people how to work up to their potential and develop abilities to improve their effectiveness.

Managing Job Stress -- Helps people understand their pressures and personalities, and guides them in developing better problem solving and life skills.

Managing Change in the Workplace -- Focuses on helping employees learn to manage change in a positive way and become more creative, flexible, and adaptable.

The Power of Professionalism -- Looks at the role professionalism plays not only in personal success but also the success of an organization.

Time Management and Organizational Skills -- Teaches people how to get more done in less time by learning to focus on the most important tasks and making sure they get done.

Nonverbal Communication: Effective Body Language -- Helps people understand the power of nonverbal communication, including learning the seven ways to know when someone is lying.

Winning Support for Your Ideas -- Explains that negativity surrounds us everywhere and that to be successful in today's world a person has to find ways to overcome apathy and pessimistic thinking. Participants learn tips for getting others to see things their way and the six tested rules for winning arguments.

Don't Look Now, But Your Attitude is Showing -- What attitude are you showing? Your attitude either helps you to succeed or dooms you to fail. A positive attitude helps people feel more confident, which leads to personal benefits and organizational results.